Develop a stand-out course experience that gets you noticed.

Keep your course takers motivated and engaged with emails that nurture auto-magically!

As a course developer, you’ve invested significant time translating your expertise into educational content. When people don’t finish the course or achieve the transformation, you might wonder if your material is the issue.

(Don’t worry. It’s not! 😉)

The good news is that instructional design and email automations can motivate your course takers to finally finish the course and become super-fans who share your program with their people.

The result? More people are motivated to take your courses, which equals 💰💰 for you.


Here’s how we’ll work together to create an exceptional course experience

services process breakdown

How it works


  • AUDIT – Using my unique blend of instructional design and email expertise, I evaluate the strengths and areas for improvement in your course and associate emails
  • PLAN – We develop a plan that takes your course from good to great AND strategize the email automations that support the greatness
  • IMPLEMENT – We create any needed components and put them into action
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Choose the level of support you need to WOW your students

Course Success Audit

Every project starts here!

Your course audit will harness the power of instructional design (ID) principles to show you what’s working well with your course and emails and what you could do to make it even better.

With the Course Success Audit, you get: 

  • A complete course audit, focused on the 5 main areas of ID, to highlight the current state of the course and includes recommendations to improve
  • A comprehensive email audit of your associated course emails to look at the current email analytics and provides recommended tweaks you can make
  • Audit debrief to help you understand the analytics and recommendations

Plus the quick-start implementation guide so you know how to best update your course and emails!

Pricing for the Course Success Audit $1,500

Course Success Audit + Strategy

The Course Success Audit and Strategy includes everything you need to analyze the current state of your course and emails plus the complete strategy for implementing the full Course Success Experience for your course. 

With this service, you get:

  • Everything included in the Course Success Audit
  • A timeline of how you can implement the recommendations for your course
  • The complete strategy for your course emails and automations
  • Email support during your implementation process
  • A full review of your implementation to make sure everything is set up correctly

Pricing for the Course Success Audit + Strategy is $4,500

Full Course Success Experience

The Course Success Framework includes EVERYTHING you need to set your course takers up for success. It’s the Done-For-You approach you need to make your course unquittable.

With this service, you get:

  • Everything from the Course Success Audit
  • All of the strategy for your course and email automations
  • All the copy for the emails associated with your Course Success Experience
  • ID updates inside your course platform *You will be responsible for new course creation
  • Built-out automations for your email sequences
  • Optimization session at 60 days post implementation
  • Confidence that your course takers have the tools they need to get the transformation and become super fans

Pricing starts at $10,000 for the Course Success Experience

Are you ready for course success?

Frequently Asked Questions

Because you might have questions that other people have asked…

The Course Success Process is designed for course creators! While the full Experience is best suited for people who have established evergreen courses, the Audit and Audit + Strategy would benefit course creators who are getting ready to launch or those that have group coaching or live courses.

While this process was developed for course creators, coaches and digital product creators who are focused on teaching their audience could benefit. The Course Success Audit or The Course Success Audit + Strategy would be extremely beneficial for these providers and their audience.

The Course Success Audit gets the completed course audit report with data and analysis, the audit session and recording, and the quick-start implementation guide.

The Course Success Audit + Strategy includes the completed course audit report with data and analysis, the audit session and recording, the quick-start implementation guide (in case you want to get started before the strategy is done!), the full strategy planner for your course and automations, the final strategy session and recording, email support while you’re implementing, and an implementation review after you’re finished.

The Course Success Experience includes the completed course audit report with data and analysis, the audit session and recording, the quick-start implementation guide (in case you want to get started before the strategy is done!), the full strategy planner for your course and automations, the final strategy session and recording, the copy for your email sequences with one round of revisions, all the updates inside your course (except for new course content) completed for you, all the email automations built out in your email platform, and an optimization sessions 60 days after implementation with recommendations.

The Course Audit is usually completed within 2 weeks. The Course Audit + Strategy takes about 1 month to complete. The Full Course Experience is usually completed in 2 months. *Please note that these are general timelines. Longer courses may take longer to complete.

Due to the in-depth process that is required for these services, the number of spots available each month is limited. During our initial consultation, I will provide you with a general idea of when I can begin work on your project. 

Projects are not scheduled until an initial deposit of 25% of the full project cost is provided. 

If you decide on a lower service and then want to upgrade after the initial project is completed, your project will be slotted in for the next available opening in my schedule. You will be required to pay up to the 25% deposit required to schedule if you go from the audit to the Course Success Experience.

I use PayPal and Stripe and accept credit card payments and bank transfers. The deposit is required to schedule the project. Additional payments will be divided throughout the creation process. You can decide how many payments you prefer to make.

You will receive invoices according to your chosen payment schedule. Each payment must be completed within 7 business days or a 10% late fee will be applied and service will stop until the payment is received.

If a payment is not received within 30 days, a Restart Fee of 20% will be required to reschedule your project.

If you let me know that you are unable to pay within 7 days of receiving the invoice, I will waive the Restart Fee and you can contact me when you are ready to make the payment and restart the process (as my schedule allows). If you decide that you don’t want to proceed with your chosen services, you will not be issued a refund for what you’ve paid, but you will receive the percentage of the work completed that you have paid for.

The project must be paid in full before the final steps of the process.

That’s great! We love when that happens. 🙂 Because all of the services build on each other, the payments that you make for the lower-priced service will be applied towards the higher-priced service.

You will receive a project email update every Friday during the project. It will include a recap of progress during the week, as well as any action items that need to be addressed in the upcoming week. If I have questions while I’m working on the project during the week, I will send them using your preferred method of communication. You’ll choose this in your proposal.

If you have questions for me, you can send them in your chosen platform and they will be answered within 1 business day. *All questions sent after 1 pm CST on Friday will be answered on Monday of the following week.

While I cannot offer a money-back guarantee for services rendered, I will try to make things right if we run into problems. Please let me know as soon you feel there’s a problem, so we can come to a satisfactory resolution as soon as possible.

I have 2 decades of experience in education and instructional design, plus 4 years of email marketing experience. You can learn more on my About page.

Next Steps for You

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