Quiz Funnels

Quizzes are a powerful way to generate leads for your business! Whether you’re a course creator, service provider, or Ecommerce business, you can effectively use quiz funnels to connect with potential customers and begin developing a relationship that leads to business growth.

As a word of caution, not all quizzes are created equal. While quizzes like the ones on Buzzfeed are tons of fun, that style of quiz won’t necessarily make you money. You want a quiz that does three things:

  • • effectively speaks to your target audience
  • • provides quality insights to make their lives better
  • • encourages them to take the next step in their customer journey

When you are able to do these with your quiz funnel, the results are amazing!

Here are a few examples of quizzes I’ve created. Click on the picture to access the quiz or result. Examples of follow-up email sequences (which are essential to building that relationship) are available upon request.

For more information, check out a blog post I wrote for Interact Quiz Builder —”How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel.”

Wondering if a lead generation quiz is the right fit for your business? Schedule a call so we can talk!