Introducing the Course SUCCESS Framework

The exact framework that course creators need to help their students to succeed, which leads to more raving fans, recommendations, and revenue!

Problem: You’ve created an amazing course with everything your ICA needs to learn and do to solve their biggest issue. And they’re buying your course…

BUT they get stuck. 

They start the course with the best of intentions and they work it for a while. Then their momentum dies and they don’t finish. Their problem isn’t solved, they didn’t implement your amazing solution, and nobody’s happy with this disconnect. Plus, you’ve likely lost a recommendation and potential for a recurring customer.

But what can you do? 

You want an evergreen course so you can get off the launch/relaunch roller coaster. You don’t have time to offer cohort after cohort of live sessions. And dripping content leads to a different level of frustration altogether.

You need the Course SUCCESS Framework for your course. 

JMM course success framework graphic

This framework provides a high-touch, strategic approach to nurturing your course-takers to FINALLY finish the course, experience your amazing solution for their big problem, and become your biggest fan.

Plus, it’s all set up to run automatically!

So, what’s included with the Course SUCCESS Framework?

The framework provides all of the elements you need to help your students get wins from your course.

Building the SUCCESS framework automatically into your course experience can be exactly what your customers need to complete your course and get the transformation that your course can help them achieve!