You Can Build an Engaged Course Audience Without Spending ALL Your Time on Course Launches

Having a successful evergreen course means you don’t have to hustle so hard.

You create amazing courses that you sell to make money. And you have to keep scrambling to sell your courses to new people.

(Gotta feed the beast, am I right?)

But it’s harder than it needs to be because people don’t finish the course.

In a perfect world, people would:

  • Buy the course
  • Finish the course
  • Tell their friends to buy the course
  • Buy your other courses because they knew how awesome they’ll be!

The truth is the perfect world is closer than you think.

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What do you get when you cross a former teacher, a recovering course junkie, and a tech geek?

The answer is me, of course!

Hi, I’m Joanna May of Joanna May Marketing, and I help course creators use instructional design and email automations to create an evergreen course experience that mirrors a live course.

With a background in Instructional Design (to keep the course focused and engaging) and a deep understanding of email marketing automations (so you don’t have to spend every minute of every day engaging with your audience), I’m the secret weapon your course needs!

And, because I’m that much of a tech geek, I like to spend my free time learning new SAAS platforms to recommend to my clients and building Lego ® creations with my sons. 🤓

Looks so good! You always turn it into something I could never imagine and I love it!
Ashley O.
Sleep Coach

Why I do what I do

I believe in the power of education, and you do too. It’s why you created a course, right?

But you don’t have the time to provide all of your course takers with the level of support they might need at the price they pay for a self-paced course.

Through automated emails dedicated to course taker success, I believe that it’s possible to provide the bridge of support your course takers need.

Ready to set your students up for success?