Create an experience that transforms your course takers into raving super fans.

Grow your revenue and visibility on autopilot.

They bought your course. Now what?

You created a course and people are buying it, but they aren’t finishing it. They aren’t getting the promised transformation, so they aren’t likely to tell their friends about your course OR buy from you in the future.

So you’re stuck.

You have to keep finding people to buy your course, the people who buy aren’t willing to promote your course to others, and you’re not getting the repeat buyers that you know you should have to get to the next level in your business.

You aren’t the only course creator who struggles with this!

Over the past few years, the popularity of online courses has exploded. People who want to solve a problem or learn something new go online and purchase a course.

But then they don’t finish it.

Studies have shown that the average course completion rate is 15%.

As a course creator, you know how nice it is to get the money from all the people who bought and then didn’t finish, but it’s actually hurting your bottom line.

There are two reasons for that:

  • When people don’t have a satisfactory experience with your course (because they didn’t finish it 🙄), they’re less likely to recommend it to their friends.
  • When people don’t have a satisfactory experience with your course (because they didn’t finish it 🙄), they’re less likely to buy to from you in the future.

And, while it’s not your fault that they aren’t finishing your course, you don’t have to accept this as the way it has to be.

That’s where I come in!

Hi. I'm Joanna.

I help course creators just like you create a course experience that can help people finish your course, share their success with others, and be excited to buy from you again.

Drawing on nearly 2 decades in education, I created the Course SUCCESS framework. This framework combines instructional design and email marketing (my areas of genius!) to engage and motivate your course takers on autopilot. 

Let’s get you known as THE expert in your niche and grow your bottom line!


Past clients

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About My Services

All of my services fit within the Course SUCCESS Framework. We first make sure your course is unquittable by looking at the elements of solid instructional design. We then focus on automatic nurturing throughout all of the course timeline—onboarding, in-course, post-course.

And every step is focused on your course-taker SUCCESS!

Course SUCCESS Audit

Make your course unquittable with an audit of your course experience (learning modules and email marketing)

Course SUCCESS Audit + Strategy

Get the audit of your course experience (course and associated emails) and the course SUCCESS strategy that you can implement 

Course SUCCESS Experience

The full VIP experience includes course audit, course nurture sequences, and setup of the email automations

But who's a good match?

✔ You want to provide a robust learning experience for each of your customers.

✔ You want someone who utilizes your expertise to make your course even better.

✔ You're willing to be an active participant in the creative process.

Ready to transform your visibility and profits?